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Dedicated Eye Doctors In
Center, Texas

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of eye care to all our patients and provide vision care to your whole family as if they were our very own. At Golden Eye Clinic, we offer a large range of services and perform eye exams, emergency care, dry eye and scleral lens services, and manage a variety of ocular diseases.

We believe that educating our patients is a key factor in keeping their eyes healthy. Our expert staff takes the time to discuss and answer any questions you might have and supply you with the most up-to-date information to help you maintain excellent eye health.

Call today to book an appointment and receive the quality attention that you deserve.

our optometrists in Center

Our Optometrists go beyond 20/20

J. Alyse Tibbs O.D.

J. Alyse Tibbs O.D.

Heather Ihlo O.D.

Heather Ihlo O.D.

Carmen Mackey O.D.

Carmen Mackey O.D.

D. Dixon Golden O.D.

D. Dixon Golden O.D.

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Your eyes keep changing with every year that goes by, and this affects vision. At Golden Eye Clinic, we can detect these changes and identify eye conditions or diseases early enough to treat and prevent vision loss. Our practice offers evidence-based treatment to prevent the onset or reduce the progression of eye disease.

We diagnose, manage and treat diseases like diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. The earlier the diagnosis, the better your chances for successful treatment.

What Makes Golden Eye Clinic Unique?

woman smiling enjoying scleral lenses

Increased Vision & Comfort with Sclerals

Are your contact lenses not providing with the vision and comfort you want? Custom-made scleral lenses for irregular corneas, dry eye and other hard-to-fit patients offer optimal vision and superior comfort.

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Enhancing Vision Skills for Increased Success

Poorly developed visual skills may affect your child's focusing, attention and reading grades. Vision therapy can help strengthen your child's visual skills and lead to improved school performance.

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Offering Lasting Dry Eye Treatments

Are you suffering from dry eyes, which are adversely affects your quality of life? We can help by analyzing and then provide comprehension solutions to effectively treat mild to severe cases of dry eyes.

Eye Care Services In Center

If you have been diagnosed with an eye disease, such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or dry eye, you may be overwhelmed with the diagnosis and confused about the next steps to take.

Our eye doctor will be happy to answer all your questions. We offer you and your family top quality eye care delivered with a caring and dedicated customer service.

Golden Eye Clinic accepts a number of insurance plans to help cover your eyecare costs.

Eye Exams
Glaucoma Management
Low Vision
Diabetic Retinopathy
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1 week ago
Great staff with friendly and knowledgeable service. Didn't have to wait long and was given a thorough checkup.
- M D.

Eyeglasses That Stand Out

Do you prefer a sophisticated, casual, artsy or elegant style? Remember, this is where fashion meets function!

Glasses are now a trendy accessory, much like purses, shoes or jewelry, we make sure to feature the most popular designer brands from around the world. No matter your personal style or preference, we have the perfect pair of designer frames just for you! One of our dedicated staff members will be happy to find your ideal fit and make sure you're stepping out in style.

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